Commuter Challenge

Sunday, June 1 at 6:00pm
Repeats: June 1 - 7

Meet At:

City of Calgary Workpalces
Notes: Starting from your own home, Give Your Car a Day Off in favour of your bike (or anything other than your single occupant vehicle), log your commute and see the positive impacts that your healthier choice makes. Track your commute at

Contact Info:

By: Kathryn Winkler
This is a National Challenge that takes place during Canadian Environment Week, June 1-7, 2014.  Workplaces are encouraged to register on the National Commuter Challenge website, encourage their staff to register then track their healthier trips.  Our website will report back how well companies are doing in your city and how cities compare across Canada.  It will feed individuals and workplaces triple bottom line impacts based on their commuter behaviour.
Register, track your commute, encourage others!
Participate in the Challenge and WIN!

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