Café Croissant

Sunday, July 3 at 1:00pm. (The end time is just an estimation. We will finish when we finish! 🙂

Meet At:

Alfornon Bakery
Notes: We will meet outside Alforno at 1:00 pm.
By: Farnaz
This is a bakery crawl ride. We will stop at 3-4 bakeries in search for the best croissant in town and, uhum, discuss the symbolic role of bread in the formation of communities.
Just kidding - we'll just be eating Croissant! 😉

The ride will taken place within downtown and inner city area and mostly on the cycle tracks. The pace will be "following the slowest person". What's a Café Croissant in rush after all? Kids are welcome!

The event is free but if you are planning to try croissant or other baked goods, well, you know, bring some money. 😉

We will meet at Alforno Bakery on 7th St cycle track at 1:00 pm. Alforno is generously inviting our group for a free gourmet coffee (latte, cappuccino, cold brew, americano etc.) which will be served at 1. We will wait for everyone to get what they want to buy and have their coffees. If you plan to have a full lunch I would recommend that you get there earlier. Alternatively you can plan to build your lunch at three stops that we'll have!
Our next destination is Sidewalk Citizen on East Village where we will have a surprise featuring no one other than Mr. Sidewalk Citizen himself.

Finally we will head south to Mission for our final stop and Yann Haute Patisserie. Yann is also kindly offering all the riders one of their yummiest Macarons.The ride will end at that point. Few of us will be heading back to where we started, so anyone who would like company on their way back is more than welcome to join.
Check out the facebook page for last minute updates, if any!

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