Burbs-by-Nite 2019 40km

Saturday, July 13 at 7:45pm. Meet at 7:45PM, ride at 8PM on the nose!

Meet At:

Notes: Meet near the interpretive sign

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
Have an adventure you didn't know was possible in a city you didn't know you lived in.


Calgary has hundreds of kilometers of scenic pathways, and tends of thousands of kilometers of quiet suburbia.

Let's take advantage of these facts. Through careful planning it's quite possible to craft lovely, meandering routes through the quieter streets and seemingly-unconnected scraps of park and path that litter the mazelike deep suburban communities of YYC.

We will head south along the Bow River pathway, reaching Fish Creek Park at Golden Hour. From there it's into Midnapore, Sundance, Somerset, Shawnessey, Millrise, Evergreen Estates, ending at Fish Creek LRT station for a total of 40km.

There is an early bail-out point at Somerset-Bridlewood LRT station, at about 30km.

If we're making good time and feeling ambitious we might decide to ride back downtown for a total of 60km.

This is a long-ish ride, not super fast but lively and hopefully very interesting. Plan for 3-4 hrs including train time back.

There may be an opportunity to try and meet up with the 2nd Annual Bike and Brew Tour afterward depending on timing.



- Bring lights for your bike!
- Bring bus fare to get back!
- Meet south side of Peace Bridge at 7:45pm, ride at 8:00pm sharp.
- Almost totally on quiet streets and pathways (impressively so, actually) but there will be a few sections on moderately busy streets.
- We won't leave anyone behind; we will make adjustments to the route depending on time/how everyone feels. Ideally come along if you like longer bike rides, but don't be shy if you aren't sure-- we'll accommodate!
- Please bring stuff to fix a flat tire or other small bike problems, if possible.

Possible route:

You can click this link, but then it won't be as much of a surprise 🙂


I rode the tricky part of this tonite (Wednesday) and confirm it will be great!

1 thought on “Burbs-by-Nite 2019 40km

  1. Weather update: ride is still happening as scheduled!

    Calgary weather spends most of it’s time psyching people out. Don’t miss out on a great ride because the sky is wiffle-waffling a bit 🙂 We have options to possibly avoid the weather and/or shelter during downpours! See you there!

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