BPB Weekly Potluck Extravaganza (+ Fire)

Tuesday, June 26 at 7:00pm. Potuck from 7:00 to 9:00 - ride at 9:00 sharp!

Meet At:

Prince's Island Park
Notes: Meet directly North of the main pedestrian bridge connecting Eau Claire market to the island.
By: Colin
The Bush Porn Babes (BPB) weekly potluck happens every Tuesday on Prince's Island Park. Each week we have a picnic potluck and then head out on a bike adventure.

head on down to Prince's Island Park around 7:00pm, bring something delicious to share in the potluck, drinks for yourself if you'd like some and anything fun you'd like to play with in the park (bocce, frisbee, bubbles etc.).

This is a casual potluck, bring whatever you'd like or can. There will be vegetarian food for sure and likely gluten free as well. Meat a etc. welcome of course!

We'll eat food and play in the park until 9:00pm. At 9:00 we will mount our bicycles, pump up some tunes and cruise along the river paths to a City park (with some dance party breaks along the way). Here we will light a big ol bonfire, roast some campfire treats and enjoy the night Babe style.

We'll wrap the whole thing up around 11:00pm and head back towards downtown before splitting.


It looks like it's going to be wet but we can handle it! If the rain is a pouring we'll still congregate on Prince's Island Park but plan to meet under the big stage on the west side of the island!



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