Funkadelic Ride

Friday, July 4 at 7:30pm. Meet at 7:45 Leave at 8:00pm SHARP.

Meet At:

Eau Claire Plaza
Notes: Meet in the plaza beside the YMCA
By: The Bush Porn Babes
Come along for a Funk themed bicycle ride to the sound of funk!


a REAL RADIO...your phone won't cut it as internet radio does not play in real time due to delays over network signals.

We'll be collectively tuning into "Fullmoon Funkalicious" hosted by Moonlips on CJSW 90.9 to power our ride. The more radios we have the bigger the pedalling funk party will be!

Dressing funky is encouraged! We'll be taking a leisurely route and stopping for dance breaks.

"Put a glide in your stride. A dip in yo' hip and come on up to the mothership." - George Clinton

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