Sunday, November 4 at 12:45pm. Meet at 12:45 PM, depart at 1:00 PM

Meet At:

The Wave at 10th Street Sign

Contact Info:

By: Cailynn
Join a short ride to the new Central Library for Opening Family Fun Weekend! This event is all about BOOKS + BIKES (by the Bow). The deets:

-THE BOW: Meet at The Wave sign (on the south side bank of the Bow, marking the river surfing spot at the 10th Street bridge) at 12:45 PM.

-BIKE: Depart at 1PM and ride the lovely new Eau Claire pathway to the new Central Library in the East Village (about a 15-minute ride).

-BOOKS: There's lots going on (inside and outside) at the new Central Library for Opening Family Fun Weekend. Think food trucks, live music, craft stations, free tours, etc. Enjoy the free fun, see the beautiful new library, and BIKE back home as you please — with your new BOOKS, of course.

P.S. Full details for Opening Family Fun Weekend are here:
P.P.S. Not yet a Calgary Public Library member? Sign up for your free card here:

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