Bike Rave 8.0

Saturday, June 8 at 9:00pm. Meet at 9, ride at 9:15.

Meet At:

Rotary Park
By: Kevin
Grab your bicycle. Put some lights on it. Bring your music. Let's ride!

YYC BIKE RAVE is back for its 8th edition. We will once again be participating in a Crescent Heights Community festival celebrating the people and places in Crescent Heights and this ride is also scheduled with Cyclpalooza.


We will make stops around Crescent Heights. We will begin at Rotary Park (617 1 St NE).  The ride will be approximately 2 hours and will end at Elite Brewery (1319 Edmonton Trail)

Bikes + Lights x Night = Mobile Dance Party.

? READ: OUR VALUES ? (they are inspired by the values that Party4Health (Vancouver) established with their Bike Raves)

Active Engagement: We are in the here and now. We make the party instead of waiting for it to happen.

Natural Euphoria: We get high off each other, not off alcohol or drugs. Please do not bring alcohol or drugs to this event. We don't care what you do before or after, but not at our event.

Inclusion: We invite people to join, instead of judging people who feel excluded.

Respect: We behave courteously. We practice consent. We think about our impact on others before doing. This means respecting other rides, a person's music choice, their styles or those who are not participating but looking on.

Leave No Trace: We respect the community in which we party. Police are our utmost ally.

? D R U G S
Drugs and alcohol are illegal in public spaces. At this event, we ask you to refrain from alcohol or drug consumption. The whole purpose of BIKE RAVE is to show people how to feel naturally high. Note: Caffeine is OK...

? D I S C L A I M E R
By reading this and dancing with us, you assume complete responsibility for your personal safety. You acknowledge that dancing in large groups of people carries inherent risks, and you accept these risks. The risks include but are not restricted to: tripping/falling, collision with objects/people, and hypothermia. WE ARE NOT YOUR CHAPERONES and ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY.

Biking & Raving since 2016

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