Bike n' Bird (RSVP required)

Saturday, February 15 at 9:00am. Time is flexible depending on interest.

Meet At:

Notes: Meet in the parking lot close to the Votier's Place access point.

Contact Info:

By: Caillie
It's a weekend of love, lights, bikes, and birds! February 14 - 17 is the Great Backyard Bird Count and I'll be combining my love of all things birding and biking during a trip to Fish Creek Park.

We'll be making several stops to popular birdwatching spaces, so be prepared for a lot of stop-and-go biking. This ride will be ideal if you are still new to winter biking and would prefer short bursts of riding on a relatively safe path free from cars. Trail conditions are weather-dependent, so a winterized or fat bike is still highly recommended. We'll be sticking to marked pathways and going from Votier's Flats to Shannon Terrace.

As a novice birdwatcher, I'll be explaining the tools that I use to identify the birds in the park and provide resources with more information. If there are any intermediate or advanced birdwatchers out there who can help support me that would be great! Downloading the eBird app by Cornell Lab of Ornithology is highly recommended.

*This event is free but please email me if you are interested - we don't want to scare the birds away so spaces will be very limited!*

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