Bike and Wine and Valentine

Friday, February 13 at 4:30pm. Let's meet at 4:30 and leave around 4:40ish

Meet At:

Notes: Let's meet at the south side, closer to the path

Contact Info:
By: Farnaz
We will meet at the south side of Peace Bridge around 4:30 and will ride for about 15 minutes on the Bow River Pathway to Reworks Upcycle Shop in Inglewood, where we will be welcomed with glass of wine (or two, if we behave really well)! There will be free gift wrapping with up-cycled material. If you don’t have anything yet, you can get something at the Reworks (and support a local business and protect the environment at the same time).

The entire ride will be on pathways, so if you know someone who needs to build confidence for cycling in Winter make sure you invite them!

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