Bi-Cycle Pride Ride w LGBTQ2S Friends and Allies

Wednesday, September 7 at 6:15pm. Meet at 6:15 PM depart at 6:30pm

Meet At:

Notes: Bikes can now be taken on trains at anytime - a multi-modal option.

Contact Info:

By: Vanessa
A Bi-Cycle Ride, who doesn't love puns?!

Bring your best puns, your BiCycles, your BiCeps, give your friend's this event's Bi the way (invite friends), and bring yourselves.

Ride start point will be at the Simmons Building in East Village.
Meet at 6:15pm socialize, ride will depart at 6:30pm.
Will be riding at a party pace (no one gets dropped), a mixture of pathway and on-street riding in critical mass (we will go over this pre-departure, your safety is your responsibility, but we will be looking out for one another).
Our destination is Riley Park for picnicking, outdoor time, and lawn-games.
This event is meant to celebrate PRIDE, bikes, community, being political in our transportation mode, and primarily giving visibility to those who identify as bisexual, our pansexual pals, the bi-curious, hetero/homoflexible, or anyone who has found themselves attracted to more than one gender (plural), past or present. We love to have our other LGBTQ2S folks/friends/allies to celebrate with us too.

Come for the
A. Ride
B. Ride + Picnic (bring snacks, blankets, chairs, crafts, lawn games as you wish),
C. Picnic (I’d expect us to be arriving in Riley Park around/by 7:00pm, west end).

A little birdie told me there will be spoke cards (while supplies last).
Feel free to dress up!
Please bring bike lights, check your A-irB-rakesC-hain before coming. I will have a pump.

I will be wearing my orange helmet and purple top. Looking forward to it!

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