Bear / Bare As You Dare Ride

Saturday, February 9 at 2:00pm. Meet at 2, ride at 2:20

Meet At:

To Be Determined - Weather will dictate
Notes: TBD

Contact Info:

Kimberley Nelson
By: Kimberley
People generally tend to make winter the villain, when really Calgary has amazing winters! As I set this up, it is 8C and would be a great day for this ride. We will ride all weather, but the route may vary based on the conditions of the day. Please feel free to wear as little (bare) as you want (we hope this will remain a family friendly ride, so please use your discretion) or as Bear as you want (bear costumes, touques, etc). We will have a ride that will be determined by weather conditions closer to the date, and end somewhere family friendly to enjoy a pint (with our clothes on!).
Please note that body shaming or any intimidation will not be tolerated. We will end at a family-friendly pub, so make sure you have somewhere to store your money!

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