Beakerhead Bikegang

Saturday, September 13 at 5:30pm. We will be out the door at 7pm sharp - please arrive anytime after 5:30 to decorate yourself and your bike so we can leave on time!

Meet At:

Bike Gang House
By: Bike Gangster
Bike nerds,

Beakerhead returns, and so shall we. On bikes. Adorned in neon.

Please join us on 5a st for an adult beverage as we decorate our bikes and persons. We will leave promptly at 7pm to check out some of the Beakernight exhibits.

Don't bring:
-Ninja clothing
-Unfancy hats

-White Shirt
-Some way to colour it (spray paint, glow in the dark pens, etc)
-Your bike
-Fancy Hats
-Glow sticks, sparklers, or whatever else may brighten up the bike gang!

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