8th Annual Victoria Day Tweed Ride

Monday, May 20 at 2:00pm. 2pm Registration, 3pm Ride

Meet At:

Beaulieu Gardens
Notes: East of Lougheed House
By: Rory Allen
Here we are again!

Time to dust off that old jacket. You know the one with elbow patches that's got a small pocket with what you assume is chalk residue from an old professor? It's perfect. Become that blazer, shine those shoes, front that frock. It's time to party like it's 1889 (or 1959 if that's more your style). Peacoat or Petticoat? Bow tie with a sweater vest? Wrist gloves or the full opera formal? It’s all up to you!

Have a look at the other steeds and velocipedestriennes, and vote for your favorite spokes and attire.

Beaulieu Gardens (East of Lougheed House)
707 13th Ave SW
2pm Registration
3pm Ride

Casual ~10-15km ride around Calgary's inner city

Wrap Party and Prizes:
Oak Tree Tavern
124 10th St NW

Pre-registration (https://tweedrideyyc.com/register/) is encouraged in order to have an idea of the number of participants.

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