3rd Annual Sculpture Bike Tour

Sunday, July 12 at 5:00pm

Meet At:

Good Earth coffee shop
Notes: This location is in Downtown West. Meet inside the coffee shop.

Contact Info:

(403) 399-0060 (Farnaz)
By: Farnaz & Brad
The intention of this ride is to bring the beautiful art pieces that are laying around this beautiful city of ours to our own attention. In our busy day-to-day life, we usually don't get a chance to stop and ponder upon them. We hope that this ride will create a bit of space in our lives to pause and take few minutes to enjoy few of these beautiful pieces that we are lucky to have in Calgary, and even better, get into the habit of doing so every now and then!

The sculptures will be different every year, but what we do remains the same!

Just as previous years, we will be visiting 8 to 10 sculptures within biking distance in the city core. We will start by a brief on what to look for when looking at a sculpture. We'll then head out to look at some of these gems within the city center of Calgary. Some of them you probably have seen, some others you may have passed by and not paid attention to. There is always one or two that you didn't even know they existed! At each sculpture, Brad will give us some bibliographic info of the sculpture such as the name of the artist and the year of built - if available- and then we'll share as a group what we see/feel/get by looking at that piece.
We usually end up at a bar to share a drink or two after the ride for those who are interested.

Looking forward to seeing you!
P.S. Don't forget to bring a bike lock, water and a good camera with you. You can also buy water and snacks at Good Earth.

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