CANCELED: 2nd Annual Girls Bikeovernight

Was: Friday, July 8 at 4:00pm. Meet at 4pm, leave around 4:30pm

Meet At:

Eau Claire
Notes: Meet by the footbridge on the south side

Contact Info:

By: Carla
THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED FOR THIS YEAR - one of the organizers has had to back out 🙁 Keep an eye out for it next year!!


Prep for an overnight ride to a secret location about 1.5 hours out of the city. We will be riding out and getting dinner at a pub before circling back to our camping spot.

The ride is suitable for anyone who can ride a loaded bike at topped out cruising speed (20-25ish km/h). It is 90% open pathway so not stop and go.

We will be coming back in the morning and should be in the city well before noon.

There are NO public facilities there, so be prepared for that.

There is space for 4-5 tents, so if you're coming as buddies it is best to bunk with someone.

2 thoughts on “2nd Annual Girls Bikeovernight

    • Hi Aana,
      Yes you need your own gear. A tent and sleeping bag, or whatever set up you use, at minimum. A stove is optional if you want coffee in the AM 🙂

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