❄ WINTERESSE ❄ Night Bike Ride

Saturday, November 26 at 7:00pm. Meet at 7, ride at 7:30.

Meet At:

Eau Claire YMCA
Notes: Meet near the Bike Racks

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
Presenting ❄ WINTERESSE ❄ a fun wintry bike ride!

Please join us for a trip around Calgary at night on your bike. This is a bike ride focused on the experience of comfortably pedaling with friends, seeing neighbourhoods and connecting with nature inside the city. If we are lucky, it may even snow!

Everyone is welcome! We will decide on the length and route based on the weather and the desires of the group. Since this is the first ❄ WINTERESSE ❄ we will make it up as we go along.

Dress warmly enough to be out on your bike for an hour or more. If it gets too cold, we'll try to find some hot chocolate or somewhere convenient to warm up.

Lights are needed since it's at night, and especially since the moon will be new. We don't ride too fast but we will probably try to go somewhere at least a little adventurous and so will probably have to travel on roads at times.

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