Friday, September 27 at 8:00pm. Meet 8, ride 8:15!

Meet At:

Notes: South Side near the interpretive sign or just on the bridge if snowing heavily

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
SECOND ANNUAL!! We did this last year and was heaps of fun.

Dress warm, bring lights, meet at the Peace Bridge south [at] 8PM.

We'll hang out near the unfinished interpretive sign in the plaza, OR if it's snowing a lot we'll seek shelter on the bridge.

Ride [at] 8:15PM!

- LIGHTS (please no blinky) for the path!
- WARMS (mittens, &c.) so you don't catch cold!
- NOSES or OTHER SMALL EXPOSED PART for catching snowflakes

We'll build consensus where to ride to but likely somewhere with hot chocolate, maybe Lazy Loaf & Kettle if we're ambitious or maybe something (a lot) closer if we're not so ambitious.


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