Thanks for Being Part of Cyclepalooza!

Hello, hello!

Thank you so much for organizing an event for Cyclepalooza 2014! It’s because of you that this festival is a success. You are an ambassador for Cyclepalooza and creating a vibrant cycling community in Calgary. We can’t thank you enough!

The steering committee is here to help in any way that we can. Lots of information to help plan events is available in the Ride Guide, whether you’re an experienced event planner or new to Cyclepalooza. We strongly recommend, if possible, to ride the route you’ve planned in advance.

Feel free to make Facebook events, or use Eventbrite to advertise your ride. You can take images from this website, and please mention in your description that it’s a Cyclepalooza event.

At Your Event

  • Please announce at the beginning of your event that it’s a part of Cyclepalooza, and what we are, so that participants in your ride can also check out the other great goings-on of the festival.
  • Announce your event – tag the Cyclepalooza Facebook page, Twitter handle (@cyclepalooza) or hashtag (#cyclepalooza#yycbike)
  • Take photos! You and the participants are encouraged to take photos and videos, and share them via email, Flickr, and YouTube.
  • Distribute spoke cards –Cyclepalooza will again have beautiful spoke cards this year.

After Your Ride

We will do a short follow up with all our organizers to hear how their rides went and how we can help in future years After the festival is over we will send a tiny email to collect this info. Your help is responding is so much appreciated to help future steering committees and event hosts.

  • Did your event happen?
  • How many people attended?
  • What feedback would you provide to Cyclepalooza, other organizers, or about your event specifically?
  • Send along any photos of your event for future inspiration.

Again, thank you so much for hosting an event for Cyclepalooza 2014. Please don’t hesitate to send a note with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you June 27-July 6!